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Keep the River on your Right

One of the things I love most about traveling is going to local coffee shops, restaurants, and bars for people watching. Last week I explored a couple charming Colorado towns and met some lovely humans during my study leave. I quickly became captivated with any venue where I could work by the river, to the […]

Cosmetic Carnival

I’m in a wedding this weekend, so this week’s shopping included typical female pre wedding items such as rein-it-all-in-and-prevent-Janet-Jackson-Super-Bowl-moments under garments, and the fancy blister Band-Aids for the perfect shoes that will inevitably tear up a few toes. During my quest for wedding garb I passed through the cosmetic carnival, and was stopped twice during […]

Dance in the Graveyards

February 13 marks the one month anniversary of Mom’s death, and I find it very appropriate that this anniversary lands on Ash Wednesday: a day when we acknowledge our finitude, dependence upon God, and the reality that from dust we were created and to dust we shall return. While I have been exceedingly aware of […]

Living as Those Prepared to Die

Since Mom’s death, there’s a comment I’ve heard folks say often that makes me a bit queasy. It goes like this, “If Carol Masters can die of cancer, that means anyone can die of cancer.” On the one hand, I get what folks mean by that, since she did have cancer for 30 years, and was […]

Symbols of the Season

While cleaning my condo a few days ago, I accidentally vacuumed up baby Jesus from one of the nativity scenes and had to retrieve him from the almighty Dyson. I dusted him off and glued his sweet lil head back in the manger. He isn’t really even supposed to be there yet since it’s still […]

A Royal Priesthood

With all the press about Kate Middleton’s hospitalization due to her diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum, I can’t help but wonder how Diana would respond. Perhaps Diana would have already called the media out for all the hype and speculation. Maybe she would have reminded the world of the many women and children who are hospitalized […]

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…A Moving Sidewalk

I love airports, which is handy since I frequent them lately. The refreshing Sabbath of anonymity that airports offer is an introvert’s heaven. One of my favorite airport accessories is the moving sidewalk. Sometimes I use it for speed; sometimes I use it to inhale between caffeine procurement and boarding the aircraft. I enjoy that […]

Bringing A-Game to the B-Team

For many of us, doing our best and striving for an A, even the coveted A+, is typically all the motivation needed for success. Getting acknowledged feels good and doing our best is satisfying. Earning an A is worth celebrating. That is of course when it comes to school and other such performance evaluations. Not […]

Hey, Girl! Can I Buy You a Mammogram?

The Breast Health Center waiting room was just as expected with outdated magazines about Easter décor, the June 18th edition of People, and two year old ideas for how to renovate your kitchen.  I looked around at the other women and realized we all spanned about forty years in age. Some looked more anxious than […]

My So-Called Exceptional Life

Yesterday I listened as a respected colleague stated, “It’s not my fault people don’t have full-time jobs. It’s not my fault they don’t have an education. It’s not my fault they can’t pay for health insurance. It’s not my fault they can’t pay rent. Basically it’s not my fault that they don’t work as hard […]