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Journeys of the Janky Van

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” I’ve often found this to be true, yet the last seventeen days, Rumi’s words were more viscerally prevalent than ever. While it is impossible to fully express what leading a group of 21 college students on a spiritual journey through the American West entails, here is […]

A Life Well Loved

When asked to write a post in support of A Life Well Loved: Remembering Aimee Buchanan, I muttered a colorful, not so articulate version of, “No thank you.” Not because I don’t love Aimee or fully support Asheville Youth Mission, but because I would prefer Aimee still be alive. Also, my mom was Director of […]

Bringing A-Game to the B-Team

For many of us, doing our best and striving for an A, even the coveted A+, is typically all the motivation needed for success. Getting acknowledged feels good and doing our best is satisfying. Earning an A is worth celebrating. That is of course when it comes to school and other such performance evaluations. Not […]

Cash Cab

The day began with the typical Chicago early morning travel adventure: Cab wasn’t there at the time I’d requested the night before, I called the company, agent said they’d call me back, received text that cab was 10 minutes away, cab arrived 20 minutes later, and while in the cab I received a text stating […]

Dallas Remix

Mimi was my mom’s feisty, skinny, patriotic, and eccentric step-mother. As a child, I would often spend Friday nights with Mimi, and each time was exactly the same. The first time I had dinner at Mimi’s she opened the cabinets and told me to pick out 3 different colors. So, I picked green, white, and […]

Southwest Sunrise Service

This morning’s very early flight started as ordinary as any other: Some folks looked hungover; some probably were. Some wore yoga pants in attempt to class it up a notch above the pajama pants wearers; others seemed to still be in their Saturday night getup. Then, at some point after the distribution of peanuts and […]

From Whence We Came

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came. ~John F. Kennedy I was there for less than 72 hours, yet island time was once again kairos time. I returned to the rhythm of […]

World’s Flair

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra kicked off its Keys to the City Piano Festival this week, and the first night included the works of Gershwin, Mozart, and Ravel, and featured pianists Cyrus Chestnut and Orli Shaham. Some of the most talented musicians in the world accompanied each other on stage to share the common language of […]

Prescription for Popsicles

I received a page from a hospital room number I didn’t recognize. On my way to the room, I planned on giving my usual, “Hi, I’m one of the chaplains and this is just a routine visit,” spiel, hoping that my presence wouldn’t scare the family. Sometimes families hear “chaplain” and think, “Angel of Death […]