Prayer of Those in PPE During Insurrection

Parent of all,

We continue to give you thanks for coworkers who understand the parts of our collectively traumatized souls our families and friends will hopefully be forever spared.

We, the cheered on superheroes of summer, are now the post holiday haggard heroes with dinners of protein bars & energy drinks.

Yet we continue to compassionately & boldly show up & “do no harm” because we feel called to these halls, these bedsides & each other. 

With each vaccine injection we are one step closer to the already but not yet reminder this is indeed temporary.

For it was already maddening to hear some Covid patients say they never thought it was real prior to their positive results. 

It was already clammy & sweaty under our life-preserving PPE. 

It was already gutting to hold a stranger’s loved one’s hand one last time because they could not visit. 

It was already scary to disinfect floors, bedrails, sinks & hallways. 

We were already weary. 

Our morale was already on palliative care. 

Then Wednesday’s events displayed what we already knew about white supremacy & domestic terrorism as contagious, fatal viruses. 

For the love of humanity, crowded hospitals and overwhelmed EMS, we beg for an end to additional preventable angst, chaos, lies, sickness, violence & grief. 

Prince of Peace, we have yet to process Wednesday’s images as seen on patient & break room TVs & on Twitter in an elevator.

And yet again in this Covid pandemic, we beg for no more preventable injuries or deaths at the hands of chronic hatred and racism.

We beg for no more super spreader events. 

We beg for our siblings from sea to shining sea to rein in white supremacist cousins & speak truth to power and idolatry. 

We beg for our fellow citizens to embrace “do no harm.” 

Great Physician, remind us of your prescriptions for a healthier way. Stat. For your prescriptions are freely accessible to all your children. And some of the side effects are mercy, repentance, and peace.

In the name of your fresh newborn we pray, Amen.

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