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Unplanned Community at Planned Parenthood

Yesterday I was asked how I can support Planned Parenthood as clergy. I don’t speak for all clergy, but here’s my story: After I learned of my clergy spouse’s affairs, I called my OBGYN and requested an appointment ASAP. Since we had been seeing her for infertility, she enthusiastically returned my call thinking I wanted […]

No Longer Taboo

Two weeks ago my spouse was installed as the new head pastor of the church he now serves. For you non churchy types (I sure hope there are non-churchy types who read my blog) it was an additional worship service with questions, vows, and charges to the newly installed, thus making the new gig officially […]

Prayer for Parents and Those Who Want to Be

*You are welcome to use as a resource for Mother’s and Father’s Day services with permission © Ashley-Anne Masters. God of all life, we pray: For those who got pregnant right away and those who have been trying for years For those who entrust their babies to the care of another family For those who cannot wait […]