A Royal Priesthood

Photo Credit: Cardiologist.org

With all the press about Kate Middleton’s hospitalization due to her diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum, I can’t help but wonder how Diana would respond. Perhaps Diana would have already called the media out for all the hype and speculation. Maybe she would have reminded the world of the many women and children who are hospitalized daily or do not even have access to basic healthcare. She would surely be an advocate for the privacy her firstborn William craves.

While I hope Kate and the baby will be healthy-as one human being to another-I wonder what the world might be like if all hospitalized mothers-to-be were always so high in our newsfeeds. What if the world understood the many potential complications of pregnancy and knew how to care for anxious mothers-to-be and their worried partners? What if all mothers-to-be had access to hospital hydration and someone to accompany them through the front doors? What if everyone genuinely cared about the future of all the world’s children and the understood the miraculous risks of any delivery?

Again this Advent, as we celebrate a pregnancy and await the birth of the King, we anticipate the day when all women and children will be held in highest regard. We anticipate the day when all will have access to high quality prenatal and pediatric care. We anticipate the day when the world will watch each newly announced pregnancy with concern and helpful support. We anticipate the day when all women will be able to give birth in the room they choose with the people they choose and not be turned away by Innkeepers or insurance companies.

As we address the very reasons and injustices for which the Word became Flesh, we are called to continue our labor together. We do not know how many trimesters it may take or how many complications and contractions may arise. What we know is that the pregnancy announcement of the coming Prince of Peace invites all to serve as doctors, doulas, and midwives until justice’s water breaks.


  1. Look at you with your metaphors.

    Love it, AA.

  2. […] expectant mother were given the attention Kate Middleton has recently been receiving? Check out A Royal Priesthood  by Ashley-Anne Masters on her WordPress blog revaam. I’m not really down with the Advent spin […]

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