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Bringing A-Game to the B-Team

For many of us, doing our best and striving for an A, even the coveted A+, is typically all the motivation needed for success. Getting acknowledged feels good and doing our best is satisfying. Earning an A is worth celebrating. That is of course when it comes to school and other such performance evaluations. Not […]

Hey, Girl! Can I Buy You a Mammogram?

The Breast Health Center waiting room was just as expected with outdated magazines about Easter décor, the June 18th edition of People, and two year old ideas for how to renovate your kitchen.  I looked around at the other women and realized we all spanned about forty years in age. Some looked more anxious than […]

My So-Called Exceptional Life

Yesterday I listened as a respected colleague stated, “It’s not my fault people don’t have full-time jobs. It’s not my fault they don’t have an education. It’s not my fault they can’t pay for health insurance. It’s not my fault they can’t pay rent. Basically it’s not my fault that they don’t work as hard […]

Preamble to Reaction

In light of all things beautiful and exhausting that encompass an election year in a free nation, I thought I would share one of my favorite quotations. I have it written on multiple sticky notes and posted in various places where I’ll see it every day. The quotation goes like this: Just because their way […]

…And An Alley Cat Shall Lead Them

It’s been quite the 6 weeks of traveling, event planning, writing, life and death at the hospital, job interviews, family fun (and dysfunction), and other such adventures. Last week I returned home to my own bed, own washer and dryer, own kitchen, own shower (did I mention my own bed?!) for the first time in […]

Cash Cab

The day began with the typical Chicago early morning travel adventure: Cab wasn’t there at the time I’d requested the night before, I called the company, agent said they’d call me back, received text that cab was 10 minutes away, cab arrived 20 minutes later, and while in the cab I received a text stating […]

Wayfaring Strangers and Weary Pilgrims

Confession: Even with my strong Southern heritage, I’m not a what one would call a Dolly Parton fan, though I do heart her character in Steel Magnolias. However, I’ve found her lyrics to Travelin’ Thru (written in 2005 for the soundtrack of Transamerica) to be very helpful and comforting to families and patients who feel lost, or feel they’ve fallen and had to get […]