Wilderness Improv


The Qwest West 2020 staff was originally planning to meet at Edisto this week to choreograph our May wilderness canyons trip for beloved college students. However, out of adoration for healthcare workers & each other, we are home working on our improv in this current wilderness instead. This photo is from December 2018, when that year’s clergy staff gathered at Edisto to support each other through other wildernesses. 

I don’t know if you’ve had gutting wilderness in your life before-and I sincerely hope you haven’t-but I do know the three clergy pictured (who granted permission for me to talk about them) have. May this be a friendly reminder of the power of finite people who don’t think twice about showing up on the frontlines of unknowns and dumpster fires, with or without sunglasses. We rarely know exactly what do to or say, but we know Vitamin D, sacred irreverence, fresh air, gas station snacks, sandy tears, roadside wreaths, surprise letters, gifts, and swag bags save lives.

Pandemic life is new for all of us, but chronic wilderness is familiar for many. Pay attention to people already years into the grief and/or trauma club: You’ll get free improv lessons in “just do the next right thing,” and the vital offering of abundant grace for trauma brain. 

Inhale. Exhale. Keep going. We are all in this together. These days, showing the heck up may look like doing so from a distance in order to save lives, but keep showing up. Make good choices. For the love, wash your hands. Loveyoumeanit.

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