Pandemic Prayer for College Students


Photo of brunch last semester. We cannot wait to be at tables together again. 

God of acceptance letters, scholarships, and internships, we ask you to comfort:

those whose “best years of their lives” were uprooted.

those who dread going home.

those who are savoring every minute of extra time with family.

those whose family members are quarantined elsewhere because they are likely exposed.

those who frantically packed up door rooms and said goodbye for now to friends from across parking lots or outside windows.

those whose graduation celebrations are postponed.

those who are relieved to have online classes because they already had complex medical issues.

those who do not feel safe.

Those who wonder how long until they’re allowed to study abroad.

those who are scared they may already have Covid-19.

those grieving losses that have nothing to do with Covid-19.

those who barely figured out the first year of college routine, and now have no idea what day it is.

those who are missing all things typical senior year.

those who were accepted to their dream summer jobs, yet now cannot think past April.

Parent of us all, continue to call order out of chaos, calm amid this storm, and hope out of despair. Remind us that your love is contagious and unchangeable. With each day, may we be ever more grateful for the privilege of screen fatigue from virtual connections. May modern technology continue to be one of the ties that binds us together. And may we constantly remember that every act of physical distancing is out of our deep commitment to care for each other. Thank you for being in the wilderness with us. “Grant us wisdom, grant us courage, for the living of these days,” we beg. Amen. 

This post was published on March 23, 2020 in The Presbyterian Outlook.


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