Prayer for Children of All Ages

As with Prayer for Parents and Those Who Want to Be, you are welcome to use as a resource for Mother’s and Father’s Day services with permission © Ashley-Anne Masters.

God our perfect parent, we pray:

For those who will send flowers to their mom and those who will put flowers on their mom’s grave

For those who wish their children could have met their grandparents and those who will tell their parents that they will soon be grandparents

For those who will make new memories and those who will carry on old traditions

For sons named after their fathers and for those who don’t know their father’s name

For those who would give anything to call their dad and those who wish their mom would call them

For those who didn’t get to say goodbye and for those who can’t wait to say hello in person

For those who will always remember their mom’s smell and for those whose fathers can no longer remember due to Alzheimer’s

For those who will take pictures with generations of family and those who will look through pictures from years past

For daughters who dance with their dads and sons who take over the family business

For those trying to find their birth mother and those who can’t wait to become a father

For those who wish their father had been more present and those whose dad is their hero

For those who find it hard to celebrate holidays with their own children because they still miss their mom

For daughters whose fathers can’t walk them down the aisle and for sons whose fathers can’t be their best man

For those who wish they could understand their parents and those who can never articulate the magnitude of their loss

Hold all of your children close this day and every day, we pray. In the name of your child, who came that we might all be siblings in your kingdom. Amen.


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