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Born on Inauguration Day

This article was published by Marketplace in January 2013 in celebration of January 20th Inauguration Day birthdays. As you’ll read in the article, my Mama died on January 13, ergo why I’m behind on my blog and life in general. She gave me life on January 20, 1981 and we have much work to continue […]

Father’s Day

I have shoeboxes full of handwritten (in fountain pen) letters, not notes, full-out letters, from my Dad dating back to before I could even read. I have yet to decipher exactly what portions of some of them say, more from the handwriting style than use of metaphors, but sometimes due to metaphors, too. I learned early […]

Dallas Remix

Mimi was my mom’s feisty, skinny, patriotic, and eccentric step-mother. As a child, I would often spend Friday nights with Mimi, and each time was exactly the same. The first time I had dinner at Mimi’s she opened the cabinets and told me to pick out 3 different colors. So, I picked green, white, and […]

Just Breathe

Today, like every day, I noticed a scar on my chest as I was getting out of the shower, and was grateful, as I am every day, that nobody can see the scar once I put on a shirt. I have had the scar for over twenty years because I had pectus repair surgery as […]

Prescription for Popsicles

I received a page from a hospital room number I didn’t recognize. On my way to the room, I planned on giving my usual, “Hi, I’m one of the chaplains and this is just a routine visit,” spiel, hoping that my presence wouldn’t scare the family. Sometimes families hear “chaplain” and think, “Angel of Death […]

Gateway to Holy Ground

I’ve often found it to be an oxymoron that McDonald’s exists in many hospitals. While French fries, cheeseburgers, and McFlurries are great comfort food, they aren’t so much the healthiest option. However, in two of the hospitals where I’ve worked, I have found those “Golden Arches” to be the gateway to holy ground. During the […]

Mother’s Day

(A photo of my Mom and me in 1981) For as long as I can remember, Mother’s Day has always freaked me out. This is not because I had a traumatic childhood, have a bad relationship with my mother, or from any horrible life events that happened to occur on Mother’s Day. I currently have […]

Prayer for Parents and Those Who Want to Be

*You are welcome to use as a resource for Mother’s and Father’s Day services with permission © Ashley-Anne Masters. God of all life, we pray: For those who got pregnant right away and those who have been trying for years For those who entrust their babies to the care of another family For those who cannot wait […]