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Born on Inauguration Day

This article was published by Marketplace in January 2013 in celebration of January 20th Inauguration Day birthdays. As you’ll read in the article, my Mama died on January 13, ergo why I’m behind on my blog and life in general. She gave me life on January 20, 1981 and we have much work to continue […]

Bringing A-Game to the B-Team

For many of us, doing our best and striving for an A, even the coveted A+, is typically all the motivation needed for success. Getting acknowledged feels good and doing our best is satisfying. Earning an A is worth celebrating. That is of course when it comes to school and other such performance evaluations. Not […]

Hey, Girl! Can I Buy You a Mammogram?

The Breast Health Center waiting room was just as expected with outdated magazines about Easter décor, the June 18th edition of People, and two year old ideas for how to renovate your kitchen.  I looked around at the other women and realized we all spanned about forty years in age. Some looked more anxious than […]

Southwest Sunrise Service

This morning’s very early flight started as ordinary as any other: Some folks looked hungover; some probably were. Some wore yoga pants in attempt to class it up a notch above the pajama pants wearers; others seemed to still be in their Saturday night getup. Then, at some point after the distribution of peanuts and […]

Mother’s Day

(A photo of my Mom and me in 1981) For as long as I can remember, Mother’s Day has always freaked me out. This is not because I had a traumatic childhood, have a bad relationship with my mother, or from any horrible life events that happened to occur on Mother’s Day. I currently have […]